Master Sword Mod; Crafting Recipes

Started by WindWaker67 on Tue, 07/21/2020 - 13:32

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Master Sword Mod; Crafting Recipes
Wed, 07/22/2020 - 11:39 (edited)

So, i bet a few of you were confused by my Mod's Crafting Recipes. Well, I'm going to show you how to craft them Here!


Legendary ingots -  one Gold Ingot in the middle, and a Sacred Ingot underneath it on the Bottom row in the Middle.


Sacred Ingots - one Iron Ingot in the middle, one Emerald under that ingot, one Diamond to the right of the Emerald, and Redstone Dust to the Left of the emerald.


Triforce Recipes -- all Triforce recipes shape to be a Triangle with the tip being the Middle.

Triforce of Courage - one Legendary Ingot in the Middle, one Emerald underneath the Ingot, a Sugar cane to the Left of the Emerald, and Green Dye to the Right of the emerald.


Triforce of Power - one Legendary Ingot in the Middle, one block of TNT underneath, one bucket of Lava to the left, and some Glowstone Dust to the right.


Triforce of Wisdom - One Legendary Ingot in the middle, one Iron Ingot underneath, a Diamond to the left, and one Sacred Ingot to the Right.


Handle - four sacred ingots in the shape of a T and one blue dye on top, making the shape into + shape.


Blade - two sacred ingots stacked on top of each other.


Master Sword - the Blade and the Handle stacked in a logical manner (the Blade on top of the Handle.)


True Master Sword - the master Sword in the middle, the Triforce of Power above the Master Sword, the Triforce of Wisdom on the bottom-left panel, and the Triforce of Courge on the bottom-right panel.

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