Need help with activating certain procedures on a ranged item when used.

Started by ArsenalX2020 on Wed, 08/05/2020 - 01:59

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Need help with activating certain procedures on a ranged item when used.
Wed, 08/05/2020 - 14:18 (edited)

So I'm building up this post-apocalypse mod, and the first thing I'm working on for it is a minigun. I have an animation for a spinning barrel for when it fires. How would I get it to activate when I use it? And is there a way to have a global trigger for the left mouse button to activate as it is the desired global trigger I've been trying to do. I've looked through the procedures and couldn't figure out what could help with that. I want to have it set so that when it's not being fired the barrel is constantly rotating at a slowish pace, but when it fires, I want it to speed up a bit then have it return to the slower animation after I'm done firing. I also have a custom sound for the firing, but the desired effect is to have the sound activate while I hold the left button, and then stop when I let go. The final thing is the hand movements. I've seen other topics discussing the hand movement issues, but I cannot seem to understand how/if they fixed it. Does anyone know of anything that could help plz? If you do, could you list how to fix/do it step by step so I can easily do what it is I'm trying to do? Thank you for your time.

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