M3Plus, Discord for the older farts

Started by NavaRayUK on Sun, 11/01/2020 - 14:14

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M3Plus, Discord for the older farts
Sun, 11/01/2020 - 14:14

As much as I really enjoy seeing the younger lot learning, and it's really great the get there hands on software at young age, they
don't understand the ways of been a developer, and how to respect the more development set up this is fine there young, but rules
and guidlines are in place for reasons so we have opted to move to a new home.

I have over 20 years in the industry in a wide range of developement, I am unable to just deal with unstructured systems, this is not how a developement platform
should be, I understand some users are here for just some fun, so I left MoreCube full stop for this reason, I have started up M3Plus for us older farts, users that know
how a structure of development should be.

We have the same basic rules MoreCube had but maybe a little different, we are new, clean and at the start we all will have to support each other, M3Plus will also release
it's own mods under this name.

To join we ask you that you see your mod and your time with mod creation more then just a bit of fun, don't get me wrong we want you to enjoy yourself but we want you to be
able to take it to the next stage, it could be helping others, helping provide resources for the community and so on.

No bans or blocks are carried over from MoreCube, but if we see you breaking any rules we will take action asap.

We will aim to support MCreator to the end and future versions that will come after it, we also plan to compile the last version when it's out and we hope to support better in the future.

If you are older and want a little more dev and little less memes please join 

If you are a younger user and want to have fun, mess with friends and just be whatever you are then I would advice you to use the forum or join MoreCube

Please note we have nothing to do with MoreCube anymore and can't help with any issue there, I myself isn't a member there anymore.