i don't know fix the tell about mod i made this one

Started by herobrine43 on Wed, 11/25/2020 - 23:07

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i don't know fix the tell about mod i made this one
Wed, 11/25/2020 - 23:07

tutorial easy steps mod i made want have problems how do it in reading good of english and dutch and want to post my mods i made so how make better if don't have help to fix it on my own wants just make this mod for easy steps how made it as also want to get help how to do with the procedures as also i bad tell about only show it in video i made it want canot to follow tutorials that is direct with a good way to say it as also good in normal speed on video as i can't where people doing fast for my self to see want my eyes can not focus keep on problems if have only understand in the slow and doing same time as not that slow down video then won;t hep want am on pc watch 1920 x1080 to watch good and if play minecraft i have use 1600 x 900 and and gui scale on 2 can i see by the render Distance 8 this far good i see if want to all this in pixels and also thati use see clear on Fov 90 want this good cani see on every game only same on pc and ps4 far then thati canot see but also slow instinct on right time see all them