Select to use Minecraft Textures instead of uploading textures

Started by Goldn on Fri, 01/08/2021 - 21:09

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Select to use Minecraft Textures instead of uploading textures
Fri, 01/08/2021 - 21:09

Basically, this will allow a mod to easily use textures from Minecraft and have it where if a user is using a resourcepack it will use the resourcepack's textures without the maker of the pack to add in for the mod. 

I have made a few mods that call onto Minecraft's textures. I have been doing this by editing the code and using a filler image so I can actually create the block/item/entities/etc. 
as an example, I am using dirt, although I think most people would use something else:
I only changed the modid:blocks/texture to minecraft:block/dirt

If we had the ability to select Minecraft textures not only would it make me not have to lock several of my blocks/items/entities/etc and then have the textures overridden when I actually need to change something in the element settings or when I change MC versions (I have to have them unlocked so the code can remake itself for the new version, I just always re-edit the texture area after I change MC versions) In my current project I am making have a lot of custom blocks that use minecraft's textures.

I suggest to have it as a button in the texture selection area, I made a graphic showing what I'm talking about:
This just added a button at top that imports textures from minecraft

The button would import textures from Minecraft to use. It doesn't actually install the textures to the resources, but instead uses the Minecraft texture id to add the texture to the mod.
I also could see this being used for plugin makers to allow them to be able to use import from other mods that their plugin adds compatibility for.

I'm still looking through the github to see how easy this would be able to add or if it is possible to add this through a plugin. I'm currently not familiar enough with how MCreator is made to make a plugin or make a pull request via GitHub for it. I hope it isn't that hard to add though.

Anyways thank you for making an amazing tool, saves a ton of time coding!