Strange error is preventing me from using MCreator.

Started by SomeHoodieGuy on Wed, 01/27/2021 - 02:01

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Strange error is preventing me from using MCreator.
Wed, 01/27/2021 - 02:01

I can't seem to boot up MCreator due to this error, which I will now paste:

    Task :downloadAssets FAILED

    Build failed with an exception.

    What went wrong:

    failed for task ':downloadAssets'.

    Failed to get asset: icons/minecraft.icns

     Some assets failed to download or validate, try running the task again.


    with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or 
    --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full 

    Get more help at

    FAILED in 2m 0s

    actionable tasks: 5 executed


    completed in 203184 milliseconds


This error has been happening repeatedly. Any ideas for a fix? I've got an idea for a simple mod I want to make, and MCreator is kind of my only option at the moment.

The most common solution In…
Wed, 01/27/2021 - 09:06

The most common solution

In most cases all Gradle errors are caused by one of these:

  • Firewall or antivirus blocking MCreator
  • Slow internet connection
  • Your ISP blocking certain websites
  • Too slow VPN or VPN with blocked domains that MCreator needs to access
  • Any other software blocking access to download repository

The most common errors from Gradle are caused by firewalls or antivirus software. If you have any issues, we recommend you to temporarily turn off this software and try again. If this works, add MCreator as an exception to your firewall or antivirus or reconfigure the software properly to not block programs such as MCreator.

It can also happen that the servers from which Gradle downloads files (Minecraft servers, Minecraft Forge repo, Maven repository) are down and you might just need to try again later in such cases.

In some cases of unstable or slow connections, running the setup multiple times and when it fails with errors related to the internet connection (timeout errors, failed to connect, failed to GET, HEAD, ...) clicking re-run the setup multiple times resolves the issue as eventually, all files get properly downloaded.

The second most common solution

In some cases, Gradle caches that make sure the build process does not take too long can get corrupted. In such a case, go to:

<your user home folder>/.mcreator/gradle

In this folder, there is a folder called caches. Delete this folder and open MCreator again. Next build will take a bit longer as caches need to be rebuilt. If you can not delete all files in this folder (which is necessary), reboot the computer first to remove any potential file locks.

If this is not enough to make things work, delete the entire gradle folder, not just caches, and try again.

If even this fails, try to delete the entire <your user home folder>/.mcreator/gradle folder, create a new workspace with the same generator version as the version of the workspace failing, after the setup of this new workspace is done, open your current workspace, and click Build & run -> Build workspace, then Build & run -> Reload gradle project and then Build & run -> Regenerate code and build.