Vanilla Rebirth Mod

Started by CR1MS4NE on Thu, 01/28/2021 - 15:53

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Vanilla Rebirth Mod
Thu, 01/28/2021 - 15:53

Vanilla Rebirth (previously Extended Vanilla) is a huge mod dedicated to adding original content that still feels within the vanilla style. It adds many new mobs, a new dimension, multiple biomes, blocks, weapons, and even new bosses.

I am currently developing this mod alone, but I am getting to a point where the mod needs some things I'm unable to provide, like entity animations. Therefore I've decided to start accepting new developers if anyone would like to help out. We also have a Discord server which can be found here (you must be at least 13 to use Discord):

This is a public discord server, so you are free to join and just hang out if you don't want to join the team. If you do, though, please let me know. My Discord name is CR1MS4NE#0001.