Turning Lava to Cobblestone

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Turning Lava to Cobblestone

Hi all,

I'm trying to make an item that can be used to right click on Lava to turn it into Cobblestone. So far I've used the following procedure in the "When right clicked on block (hand loc) Trigger slot to no effect:

if Get block at xyz = LAVA (have tried both still and flowing)

     do Replace block at xyz with COBBLESTONE

So far, this does nothing when right clicking on Lava, I assumed because I'm technically targeting whatever block is behind it, or because the lava is a fluid or something. I know I could do some procedures that check for if the block next to the one I'm targeting is Lava (i.e. X/Y +/- 1 etc), then remove it and replace it, but that wouldn't work on lava that is too deep or thick. Does anyone know the best way to achieve what I'm going for here? I haven't been able to find anything in the documentation about targeting fluids specifically.