I need help with translating my mod

Started by a guy called l… on Sun, 02/28/2021 - 17:09

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I need help with translating my mod
Sun, 02/28/2021 - 17:09

I'm making a mod in Spanish (my native language) and I know that this page is in English, which in theory wouldn't let me have my mod here, a "solution" that I found is that when I finish my mod I copy the workspace and translate it Everything manually, but that has a problem: I want to update my mod, that would be for each update copy the workspace and translate it again, and the more items the longer and later it will translate
I have 2 questions:
there some way to translate the mod comfortably (2020.5) in the same mod
And if not, how can I copy an exact element from my workspace to the other? so I could finish things in the mod from Spanish to English version and translate it, but that comes with something that I consider a problem: variables, how do I solve that? is it possible what i ask?