More Entity Drops (And More Relating To Entities And Blocks)

Started by Celestial Pickle on Fri, 03/12/2021 - 22:56

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More Entity Drops (And More Relating To Entities And Blocks)
Fri, 03/12/2021 - 23:00 (edited)

   I really want Mcreator developers to consider this idea: to make it where entities can drop more than one thing. It would be very helpful considering a lot of my mobs should drop more materials.

   There should also be a feature to make some parts of blocks glow instead of the whole thing. If Mcreator can make partially glowing textures for entities, they should be able to make it for blocks. (If they can't, I understand.)

Entities along with blocks🔼, if it's possible, should have a control of percentage of how bright the textures glow.

    Also we, as I have heard from other fellow users say, should be able to create biomes for the End. Right now I can't test out this theory because Mcreator won't open for me. If this bug can be fixed, it would be amazing. (Don't know if you can or can't, as I've said. If you can, please leave a comment below saying "you can".

If all of this could be implemented into Mcreator, me and lots of other people would be very happy. 😀





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