Mcreator build gradle error

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Mcreator build gradle error

Hello, I've been working on a mod that introduces a large variety of random items, and all was working well until today. I loaded up the mod, and it gave me an error. I thought, oh well, ill look online and in the console for solutions. I tried almost everything the forums and console recommended, and nothing has worked. This error pops up whenever the gradle runs. I have not changed anything on my computer, (firewall, antivirus, etc) and I also tried restarting my computer and mcreator, refreshing caches, updating gradle, and reinstalling mcreator. Nothing has worked. Ive spent over 100 hrs on this, and I do not intend on restarting the project or scrapping it. Here is the build error:

any help and guidance is appreciated, I hope im just being dumb and there is an easy solution.