I still have late hard on mcreator

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I still have late hard on mcreator

I have a hard with the new mcreator  Likely I am not good at see just still trying to learn anything about it even that too follows all the tutorials I still have hard to follow or understand about it but as knows that you don't understand.

 Then I cannot good making the Minecraft mod I have also hard to make models of the mod or understand the X Y Z even try to understand I need some more information and  Direction to understand Insurgent ways.

 But overall I think that no one really want to hear me at all so no matter what I just said I am good at making videos about this in voice then text but I still be ignoring by that so I don't know what I can do if have no social life because I still trying to getting friends and still I don't have friends.

Even I am handicap with ocular motor apraxia syndrome developed and autistic and that my developed in my handicap it will never better as also 2 times slower than you give that need more time but you don't care so what can I do nothing and still ignoring me fine.

Then give my new mod that trying to create hard to explain even that I not good in telling about then better in video links on my mod that I created if don't understand me in that then don't trust anyone on here that my words I mean.

After I did go to handicap school with I don't get diploma want in Netherlands is how works however for normal people doesn't not know about so you ask people by  Psychological or you can ask people that help handicap about diploma maybe you understand know if don't ask then you never know and you never understand about it if don't ask them that so simple and big deal 

After I get from my helper from  Psychological even don't believe or don't care just ask then there know about it if other way or your way think then have not answer the questions about it just ask them you know it.