What would it be like if we lived in a Minecraft world?

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What would it be like if we lived in a Minecraft world?

I’m not sure whether if you are talking about hardcore, or peaceful, easy, normal, hard. Just for realism, I’m gonna go with hardcore, assuming there are no mods involved. (vanilla minecraft hardcore) Chat does not exist, and communication is vocal. For the people there are no joints in elbows, knees, and the back. Movement will be free, and any position/movement allowed by the way the joints move in minecraft can happen (imagine the smart moving) Actions like crawling, sitting, laying on you back, moving your arms and legs independently, can finally happen.

Here goes the scenario. All 7 billion humans spawn in the same spawn point. Let’s just say there is no server lag, and nothing glitches out. No one can find their way out of the massive crowd. There is extreme competition over food and resources. The ones in the middle of the crowd slowly start to die of starvation due to everyone on the outside of the separating crowd hording all the resources they see. Many people kill each other for food and resources. The monsters are a moderate problem.

After about 3 days (216 minecraft days) the population is down to about 1 700 000 people mostly due to mass starvation and fights.

After about a week or so, up to as far as 10000 chunks from the spawn point, the world is a wasteland, and resources are stripped from surface to bedrock. (essentially, there is a massive crater spanning 20000 chunks in diameter with the spawn point in the center.) The players are forced out of the crater due to this area being inhospitable because of monster infestation and the lack of resources.

As the players become more sparce, competition becomes less intense, which allows for some form of order and peace. By now, there is still about a billion people in this world packed into a space at about 3000000 chunks/3000km (not including the crater). Murderer without reason will be taken very seriously as if it were in real life, but murderer for revenge or survival will be generally more accepted amongst people. (at this point almost everyone is a murderer.)

After about a month (2232 minecraft days) people will start forming factions/groups amongst their trusted ones. However, permanent settlement is almost impossible due to extreme raiding, so these groups tend to become nomadic, always on the run. At this point, everybody has really good tools, weapons, and gear, so smarts, dexterity, stealth, and combat ability will be the only things that will matter in terms of status. Groups will most likely to be lead by the smartest people, with the best combat skill. Governments/councils will be present within groups just as always.

Unlike reality, unless they are constantly bringing a negative effect on the group, useless players will not be thrown out so simply as if they were a tool. For once, people would care for each other, and will TRY to keep as many innocent alive by sheltering them within their groups as much as they can. Currency will most likely not appear, and will be replaced with trading items. Valuable items will include, mounts, dogs and cats, donkeys (portable storage) and food. Diamonds and other resources besides food are basically worthless after everyone mining everything up. At this point monsters are no longer a problem at all, because of practically everyone having highly enchanted weapons and armour.

As you know, vanilla minecraft does not allow players to procreate or reproduce in any-way (yet). Since there are no babies being born, and people are constantly dying, the population will decline rapidly, until the population is reduced to people are good at surviving. (survival for the fittest)

After about a few months, groups will balloon to massive sizes of up 5000 people. At this point massive (REALLY REALLY BIG), heavily guarded cities made of obsidian will start to appear. These obsidian cities will provide permanent residence and safety. Society is able to form in these structures. After people settling down, there will be less need for food because of the decline in traveling. (nomads are constantly walking, making their hunger deplete quickly.) Agriculture will finally take over, giving much spare time for these people living in cities. However, there must be strict laws that are imposed by the leaders. This is because betrayals and crimes within groups will happen more in massive, settled groups. Law enforcers are paid a great deal of food to keep them loyal to the governors/leaders. Guards will be positioned everywhere; on walls surrounding the obsidian structures, on top of the obsidian structures, on the ground, and obviously within the obsidian cities. Finally, proper governments will appear.

Wars between cities will be extremely devastating, and will not end until one of either side surrenders, or is completely annihilated. Updates to the minecraft world will be both highly anticipated and feared; as it brings new challenges and mechanics. Life in this world will stabilize, and nothing will change for a while; until there is a major update, change many things in the game.

But in the end, (unless giving birth is implemented into the game), Everyone Dies™.

This is going for too long. This is it.