An option for custom food to have NBTTags

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An option for custom food to have NBTTags
Fri, 06/04/2021 - 17:01 (edited)

I was thinking of:[

A new event "Before custom food was eaten" or, alternatively, the "food eaten" procedure from custom food would provide itemstack dependency.

I guess, that when you saw the name of this forum topic, the first thing that probably came to your mind was: Well, why do we need to do something with an eaten item?

But it WOULD BE useful in situation like:

Check the NBTTags on the item before it was eaten to add potion effects(and not just that, of course) depending on that(because now it's impossible to do this, because if you try to do this on "when food eaten" event it gives an error, because "when food eaten" does NOT provide an "itmestack" dependency, which is needed to check for NBT on the item before it was eaten)

So, basically, it adds more customisation to custom food.


But then I realised, that custom food in MCreator can't even have NBTTags, so this isn't even possible. But I think, that it would be very useful with the new event I mentioned above to make something that can't be consumed in one tick, but will, however, have NBTTags. I'm currently making tea mod, that should have tea sweetener and sweetness level, temperature and other stuff as NBTTags, that will affect effects, that appear when player drinks that. I would want NBTTags so I don't have to make 10000 almost same items.

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