Noticeable Missing Features

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Noticeable Missing Features
Sat, 06/12/2021 - 03:43 (edited)

Hello! I like using Mcreator a lot and it makes creating mods a bit easier than coding everything by hand. I just wanted to extend my love by giving a list of some features that I felt were missing and honestly thought for sure would be there before I looked for them. I'm hoping a dev will see this and maybe take a page from someone who uses this and works with vanilla command block mods all the time. Seeing as though there are things that are easier to make happen in a vanilla world than in an MCreator mod, I feel as though these features should be prioritized for the future in my humble opinion. The list of missing features are as follows:

Attribute support. Procedures for getting/setting attributes and attribute modifiers as well as the integrated support for attribute modifiers when creating an item, enchantment and potion effects. This would be extremely useful for enchantments because changes to attack speed and damage will show up in the tooltip if you are able to extend attribute modifiers through enchantments. If not on enchantments, we should at least have procedures for editing attributes.

Editing Vanilla. It feels very strange that there are no options to change the behaviors, recipes, textures, and drops in vanilla. I know you can do similar things with procedures but I feel like this should be an integrated feature that lets us make changes to content that already exists in the game. Of course this will only be possible for java edition. 

Brewing Recipe/Potion Fix. This seems like a huge oversight. There are no brewed potions whatsoever in the item selector. It makes sense that you don't want a single area to be flooded with potions, but there should at least be an option to choose if you want an item or a potion. This makes it pretty much impossible to use a mundane or an awkward potion as a brewing ingredient which is extremely bad. I honestly don't know how this wasn't implemented on release. If that wasn't bad enough, this also makes it impossible to add brewing recipes for any of the vanilla potions as you can't select them as an output item.

Block Archetypes. It sucks that you can't make a new wood block and have it fit into any crafting recipe that takes the same type of block. This would help out a lot if we had a way to make a block like a planks type block so any recipe that requires any kind of planks will automatically take the block.

Grindstone Crafting. This one isn't a huge deal and would probably be easy to implement. Seems like the only GUI missing from the recipe element.

Switch Logic. This would be really cool. You could structure it just like if statements except have numbers that go up each time you add one instead of else. IK we already have looping but switch logic is just so fun and I would love to see it implemented. 

Thumbnail/Block Base Integration. It would be a lot better if the thumbnail of custom blocks reflected the block base you choose for said block. In other words the thumbnail for the block should be rendered the same way the block is rendered in the in-game inventory.

Standard Entities. We should definitely have the ability to create nonliving entities as well and use model templates like boats, minecarts, armor stands and the like.

Checking for Targets in Radius Procedure. People have talked about this and I saw a thread saying it was getting added, but it's not there.


Thank you for your time. I hope someone sees this and suggest one or more of these features be added. 

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