Ethreem: Teaser #1

Started by OrangeOH on Fri, 07/09/2021 - 12:04

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Ethreem: Teaser #1
Fri, 07/09/2021 - 12:04

Johnny, Johnny?

Yes, papa?

Copying mod ideas?

No, papa.

Show me the lucky blocks.

*break break break, mobs mobs mobs*



Okay well we're adding lucky blocks, but not in the way you think. Also yes this is a completely new mod I have never announced before. Anyway, with this feature in our mod, you can essentially become God. By obtaining a Demihook, you can not only farm Nether Stars by one-hitting the Wither (seriously), but you can also mine lucky blocks. You don't want the loot, you want the parts. So you don't mine it, you break it apart. You can get coils and screws, but if you're lucky you should get a lucky core. When right clicking in the air with this behemoth of tech, you can go into creative mode...rewardingly. And, it'll still count (on most people's rules hopefully).


Also, there are achievements that make this whole thing sound rewarding. By obtaining the Demihook, you become a Demigod and achieve the Demigod achievement.


There are also various gems and ores this mod adds in. Two of which are the amethyst and topaz ores. Topaz come in yellow, no other colors. Amethyst obviously comes in purple, gorgeous if you ask me. Currently, both ores can be found in the overworld. But, in the future, I might make it so you can also find amethyst in the End, and perhaps topaz in the Nether. But the topaz thing is a lower chance. It'd be better if I left it in the overworld because we already got new Nether ores in 1.16, there's too much you can find there.