Flipping a Block on Y axis.

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Flipping a Block on Y axis.

Hi there!

I was hoping that on the 2021.1 V., I'd be able to make a block rotate completely on any axis... I managed, with the current and known tools, to put my block upside down... But once the base is on the roof (flipped Y axis thanks to DUNSWE rotation), it won't rotate North-East-South-West anymore.

The point is creating a custom 3D model block that, like steps (stairs, not ladders) do, can be put with a corner either Up, Down, on the floor, on its sides, and facing any cardinal direction... (That's 12 to 16 different positions, I know, but it's all about rotation on all 3 axis, or just rotation and ability to flip Y axis).

If I use de Stairs reference block, then I can't use my custom Blockbench model.

And I really don't want to be forced to make a flipped version of the block and combine rotation and block exchange with Procedures. That's double work, and double everything.

So... Help!? - Thanks, beautiful community!!