Ranged Item Procedure Not Using Custom Item

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Ranged Item Procedure Not Using Custom Item

Hey, so I just made an account for help with this.  Happy to be here!

To preface, I have two ranged items called a Boom and Annihilation Ball, both are ranged items you can throw that blow up.  Literally just boom snowballs.

They work totally fine, but I have an item that when right-clicking should send these in front of the player at different set powers which... kind of works?

When I do it, it plays the sound effects and do launch at the right powers, but no matter how many times I refresh the code for them to be set to the custom ranged items, they always come out as arrows.

I'm using the 1.12.2 plugin because I'm making these for a server with friends, so please tell me if that is causing this issue.

Thank you!


(If the image doesn't work, here's an imgur link to my procedure! https://imgur.com/a/1DB2GiX)


It is just 1.12.2 thing -…
Sat, 07/24/2021 - 23:03

It is just 1.12.2 thing - MCreator 2020.2* used only arrows and there was no option to use custom projectiles in its procedure. And 1.12.2 plugin is just simple recreation of 2020.2 for newer MCreator version, so all features added since 2020.3 simply don't work, custom projectiles included. This is why I criticise 1.12 plugin so much**, because it's counter-intuitive, showing possibilities of other generators (1.15/1.16) within 1.12 generator.

But it's caused by lack of contributors for 1.12 plugin. Actually noone works on it, so no features are added. So you can either:

  • code that yourself (and I'd love to see that! I also have that issue XD)
  • wait until someone contributes custom projectile procedure for 1.12 plugin
  • contribute yourself

And although I'm bragging a bit too much about it, I will try to contribute for 1.12 plugin when I learn Java - I hope it will be sooner than later. Custom projectiles then will be my priority, since my mod depends mostly on custom projectiles :D
So you can wait for me adding this feature to plugin, although I'm afraid it can take me a lot of time, I'm like extremely busy and lazy at the same time, haha

* the last MCreator dedicated for 1.12.2
** don't get me wrong, I love that it exists, I just don't see much purpose on using it