Need a team (mostly texturer) for an average sized mod about fantasy tech and magic

Started by JuanTheOwl on Fri, 08/20/2021 - 15:09

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Need a team (mostly texturer) for an average sized mod about fantasy tech and magic
Fri, 08/20/2021 - 15:09

Hello comrades,

First of all, I apologize for all the misspelling and syntaxe error, I learned english by myself.

I need you !

Short story long, earlier this year I messed around with MCreator for fun, learning many things and just enjoyed adding little things to the game but I wasn't really a big fan of 1.15.2. So seeing that it now supports 1.16.5 I want to really go on a real project but even if I'm not bad with procedure and MCreator in general but I seriously lack talent to do textures, so here I am asking for collobarotion.

But what's this mod about you might ask ?

Well here's a bit of lore :

Long ago, elves and dwarves were the only intelligent races on earth, on used magic the other steampunk technology. Eventually they got in a war wich was ended by an evil god invading earth with his armies of demons. Elves and dwarves allied themselves to fight back and succeeded (yay!) but by the end of the war, the earth was so devastated that they both died out. Many many years later Steve was born and he can now find remaining of these acients civilizations.


Basically the mod comes in three part (maybe four in the future) :

1. The dwarven technology : what you would expect from a tech mod but with a little fantasy/steampunk touch
2. Elven technology : gathering Essence from flora to power other machines (mainly for agriculture)

3. A combinaison of the two to get more advanced gear and cool items

4. (maybe) a new dimension with mobs and boss

To progress throughout this mod you'll need to find acient ruins that contains chests with tablets (for dwarves) and scroll (for elves) that will allow you to unlock recipies, rewarding exploration.


If you want more information on the mod, on what I have implanted yet and what is to come you can read this (a google doc). It's not complete as the mod is in very early stage of developpement, but gives you a general overhaul.


So if you're interested in making this mod with me, just add me on Discord : JuanTheOwl#5842 !

No matter your skills, what you can or can't do, if you just want to help me with giving me ideas or maybe just want to learn more about MCreator you can knock on my Discord door, it's always open !


Hopping to see you there, have a great day !