Started by OrangeOH on Sun, 08/29/2021 - 10:39

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Sun, 08/29/2021 - 10:39

Ethreem is possibly the biggest mod I've uploaded to this site yet, just a bit bigger than Too Much Things.

With my other mods, I post thousands of forum topics talking about things in the mod, what to expect, and more in an attempt to be popular. I'm basically trying to be the Minecraft news and updates section at the bottom of the launcher, but horribly failing as if I was doing a front flip and landed on my knee.

But that aside, I do that with ALL of my mods, and I try my best to notice my mistakes and failures and attempt to clean it all up afterwards but MCreator has no delete button on forum posts and comments, only mods and devs can do that stuff. But unlike my other mods, I have barely ever advertised or talked about Ethreem. I made like 1 or 2 forum posts about it, and that was it, all done there.

So...yea. With that out of the way, into the forum post!

Ethreem is a mod I have been working on for a month or two now and I'm very excited to release, especially to release it fully. It adds a BUNCH of new ores, some new machines, new armor, and a new dimension...or at least that's what the beta adds. There will be MUCH, MUCH more in the full release! So much more! And to top that off, there will be multiple versions of the beta, about 3 or 4, so things will be added then too.

But you read random useless stuff for long enough, now the release date...

The beta for the mod will come around September 1st. Due to my lack of following schedules, it probably won't come out exactly on September 1st, but if it does, hooray!

I know there's none of you reading, maybe 2 or 3 of you...but anyway, I'm excited, and I hope it gets on the Trending section just as Too Much Things 2 did. Think of this mod like Too Much Things 3 but much more loved by me. Not that I didn't love TMT3 or anything, but...

Oh, and by the way, the mod is named after the dimension, but not centered around it. So it has The Ethreem, it's called Ethreem, but not centered completely around it, just to let you know.'s my birthday! I won't tell you how old I turned because I don't feel comfortable putting that information out there on the internet, and this is the same response you'll get if you ask me to take a picture of my dog or someone I know or of my house, even taking a picture of my house and blurring out the address I won't do. But this community is very kind and understanding so I don't expect anyone to ask.

Anyway I'm excited for the mod, I hope you are too, bye!