The new "item extension" doesn't work

Started by minetypy on Mon, 08/22/2022 - 21:11

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The new "item extension" doesn't work
Mon, 08/22/2022 - 21:11

I downloaded the new update 2022.2 and I am so excited about the item extension feature because I can finally compose items and add despensing behavior to some vanilla items, then I found out that It wasn't working .. I tried to dispense an item but it just drop, and I tried to compost an Item but nothing happens and I just place blocks if I want to compost them.... I know I have no problem I am sure the numbers and the procedure are fine, the I thought it because I am making an 1.16.5 mod will that affect the item extension and make it unable to work? Also there is no "item extension" wiki in Mcreator website so there is no way to find a solution 

Update your MCreator and…
Wed, 08/24/2022 - 16:56

Update your MCreator and turn on update notifications for the future updates..

from changelog:


  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.5] Dispense output and compost layer chance parameters in item extension mod element did not work
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements