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Sun, 08/28/2022 - 19:13 (edited)

Hello fellow Mcreators. 

I'm UndeadGmrDad, and I would like you guys to try out my mod. WhitchCraft is a mod that allows you to cast spells from your player rather than an item or tool. No wands necessary. I've been developing this mod for a few months to date, and it is a lot of fun to put my imagination into Minecraft! So many learning curves along the way, and so many celebrations. Currently my mod is having issues in the multiplayer aspect. My spells don't do what they are supposed to do when targeting other players, and certain movements aren't triggered. But if you enjoy singleplayer then give it a try! 

More about the actual mod.

Most of what my mod includes is in the description, so I will just give a few pointers. 

  • You must complete the first quest to unlock your Mana, and choose an Element to master. You can choose a second element much later in the game.
  • There is a Level system in the game "Mage Level". Killing hostile mobs increases your XP for this. Each level up you gain skillpoints to upgrade your base stats. I suggest upgrading your Mana Level and Mana Regen early on. You won't be able to cast spells without them.
  • Read the Welcome Book. It gives you info on the different mages and keybinds.
  • On the last page of the welcome book, if you downloaded the 1.0.1+ version, you can enable singleplayer. This is imperative to playing singleplayer, as you wouldn't be able to finish most of the quests without it.
  • After you upgrade your Mana Level to 5+, consider putting a few skillpoints into XP Multiplier, this makes 1XP orb give 2XP, 3XP, 4XP and so on. 
  • Killing a wandering trader might be worth your time.
  • Air mages can traverse long distances way faster than other mages.
  • As an Earth mage, do not cast your spells in your own base! You've been warned.
  • Don't throw a Base-in-a-bottle anywhere in the mage village! You might despawn a Quest NPC!
  • If you downloaded the 1.0.0 Version, you must play with Cheats Enabled and type /enablesingleplayer

Other than all that, any questions just ask. Any suggestions, feel free to post. Please enjoy WhitchCraft! And give me some feedback!


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