AI Straight up not working

Started by Pakki2006 on Sun, 11/27/2022 - 13:05

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AI Straight up not working
Sun, 11/27/2022 - 13:05

So, I'm trying to make a mod that's essentially nothing more than something to be used alongside a custom origin (With the Origins mod.).  I wanted to make a custom "zombie" mob, which wouldn't spawn naturally, and would be tameable. (Idea being that I'll summon this already tamed with the origin, I can handle that part.) The zombie would need to act essentially like a wolf, follow me around and attack whatever I attack, as well as attack whatever attacks me. Should be simple, but the AI straight up doesn't work. I have AI Enabled on, as well as making it an animal type tameable with a stick for testing, but no matter what I do with AI tasks, it just doesn't work, as if it couldn't use those tasks. I've tried to use the templates alone with nothing added by me but it still doesn't work. The entity stands still, and does nothing no matter what happens around it, to it, or to it's owner. How the hell can I solve this issue?