Weird structure and biome behavior

Started by StefanM128 on Sat, 01/07/2023 - 19:13

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Weird structure and biome behavior
Sat, 01/07/2023 - 19:14 (edited)

I have this strange bug with generating structures.

I made a structure element and set a structure and everything but it is not shown in locate command but when I generate a new world the structure is generating in the world but still isn't shown in locate command.

And also in that new world there's a problem when I pick block it just instantly disappears from inventory or when I click on some item in a chest it also disappears

and I can't have an item in my inventory cause of that.

Also I just realized that locate biome also is bugged for my custom biome, I'm in plains biome clearly and when i locate biome it says that I'm 0 blocks away from it but when I teleport like 5000 blocks from that location and locate biome again it says it is like 200 blocks away and when I teleport to it, it just teleports me like 100 blocks in the air and when I locate that same biome again it says I'm in it but I'm in the same spot. It might be to the command but In my 8 years of playing this game I've never seen something like this, does anyone have any idea what's happening?

The second thing I might have messed up something but I have no idea why the command is like that.

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