New Element - Custom Menu Button and Custom Menu Options

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New Element - Custom Menu Button and Custom Menu Options

So you would go to mcreator and It would have Custom Menu Button Element. You click it. Then it asks for name. Then it adds the Menu Button to the game. 

Then on Custom Menu Options Element You would Click. 

It would have Procedures to generate when game loaded, when game ended, on player tick, or Terrain Gen. Like Ususal Procedures. 

Then when you pick say Terrain, it will give you option for customized scroll wheel, buttons, or etc. 

Then you can click the scroll wheel and add a procedure, or trigger so when that scroll wheel is edited, the procedure will be caled. 


I figured this could be very useful for making better ore gen in mcreator mods,

better mob spawning,

better structure spawning,

as you are using a procedure on an elements to make your mod better. 


Also maybe add triggers to paintings. That would be cool.