Mcreator 2022.3 Crashing On Linux

Started by xXEndermiteXx on Wed, 02/15/2023 - 01:30

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Mcreator 2022.3 Crashing On Linux
Wed, 02/15/2023 - 01:30

MCreator Used to work perfectly on this Laptop (which was windows) Before i switched it over to Ubuntu 22.10.


I'm not exactly sure what is happening or why it is crashing, it literally used to work fine. 
(For more detail, MCreator just shuts off the entire OS and makes it Reboot like nothing even happened)


No logs were made so im not sure how i can see what is going on. I looked through all the files and couldn't find any.



AMD E2-7110 APU with AMD Radeon™ R2 Graphics × 4 Proccesor

KABINI Graphics

500.1 GB Disk Capacity

64 Bit OS

4.0 GiB Ram


Like previosly said, IT used to work fine when making java mod's When it was on windows.