DnD Style Gun mods

Started by catyler1991 on Mon, 03/06/2023 - 23:36

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DnD Style Gun mods
Mon, 03/06/2023 - 23:36

I am not a mod maker, but I have a reasonable amount of skill in writing/designing concepts. I had an idea for a mod that I wanted to design revolving around a tinkers construct style modular gun design mod. Early game would be basic flintlock style weapons using gun powder and nuggets for ammo, middle tier would be more advanced flask style bullets that allows delivery of potion effects to a single entity (Think small phials for bullets, or alternatively a sealed gun that shoots a spray, similar to the chemistry squirt gun mod), and final tier is more similar to advanced tinkers weaponry, where you can develop special effect bullets, similar to the old tinkers bow and arrow systems. There are many reasons this mod would be different from other ranged weapons and gun mods. 

The mod fits more within the style of gameplay that I'm sure many of us are already accustomed to with certain mods, with modular weapons, versus some of the more stagnant tool development systems that require you to go from stone to diamond. Additionally, because you can create many different types of guns, this increases combat range substantially. I'm sure some of you will think there's a loss of balance with this, but larger weapons of course will take longer to fire, early flint locks will require time to reload, which means they will provide some use, but will require a reasonable amount of work to create more advanced weapons. Additionally, this would be a great mod to interact with other mods, in particular Tinkers constructs, which is one of my favorite mods to work with. My idea is inspired by some different DnD content, specifically artificers. In game, I tend to be a master blacksmith, and I think this would be another great expansion. Additionally, there are lots of different options for creating, and like Tinker's, would allow for customized weapons that fit someone's style of combat in game. Additionally, if you're like me, and don't like mods that add ridiculously advanced tech that doesn't fit with the feel of the game (like some of the other gun mods I've seen that add in things like rocket launchers) then you can see that something like this would add some fantastic, lore connective in game material. 

As you can probably tell, I've already put a decent amount of work together on the mechanics, but the obvious problem is the implementation. I'm willing to put in the development work for the material lore, material tables, and various mechanic ideas, as well as mod compatibility research and recommendations, and even some modeling, but I lack the coding skills and knowledge to put this mod together myself. I'm willing to work with people to create the mod. I can write just about anything in regards to in mod reading material, just need help to do the heavy lifting stuff. This is very much an open idea project, so message me if you have ideas or want to be involved.