Having issues with JVM crash

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Having issues with JVM crash

I know that someone already asked for the JVM crash thing and got an anwser, i was using mcreator for a long time until one day suddenly i got this crash message, now i havent updated to newer mcreator versions or did anything it was kind of just there one day, of course i got mad and that was 3 months ago now. I heard people say update your graphics thing and i have litarally googled every way of fixing it searched for youtube tutorials and more and not a single one of them worked or has told the truth, i am confused as hell because i tried for so long to fix this issue and nothing worked. I updated the graphic thing i looked around folders i have done everything i could but absolutely nothing worked! I dont know why or how this happened but i really really hope you guys can help me and not delete this or ignore it or anything like that since the advice you gave to the other question was wrong and did not work.