planks for common tags

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planks for common tags

(LONG STORY SHORT):common tags for wood planks and slabs that make your custom wood able to craft chests barels lecturns ect. (without having to ad all the recipies) (SHORT STORY LONG): if you guys havent already considered this i think it would be a great idea to add planks maybe even wood and stripped wood to the common tags system. just a planks common tag would be wonderfull. i dont think most modders would care about ging into too much detail on other less crucial aspects of wood, but i made a wood pack. finnaly after months of re reading/watching several toutorials explaining how to make your leaves decay properly i finaly got my friggin mind to do what theyve all been telling me to do: sipmly add to log and leaves tag & use loot tables for drops. i cant belive it took me that long to figure out. anyway i was playing my mod and tried making a chest out ov my custom planks and i was like oh alright i just gotta make a new recipie sure. so i did chests and all wooden tools then i thought about bookshelves then i was like alright i gotta do beds too ..... how many different colors? 16? then i was like while were at it might as well just google all recipies w/wood. first thing to come up was campfires. ive only made one of those in my life i do not fell like making 3 recipies for something i never use just so it can be made with my custom log, wood, and stripped log that i didnt even create. then thought wait am i further along the spectrum than i thought? lets see if theres a common tag for wood or planks that might have a similar effect to when i added the logs and leaves for proper decay so maybe i wont have to make idk 100 ish recipies each time i make a tree. i didnt see any common tags and idk if im just unaware of a simple fix or if its just something thats not in the 2023.3 snapshot yet but i am really impressed so far. im not getting any error messaged i got with 2023.2 and everything that ive tried runs smooth. thank you guys so much i know you guys get pestered for new stuff and knowhow while doing this in your freetime considering when the 1.20 update was released and so much in the game changed i think its crazy that you guys already have a version of mcreator4 to run it