Minecraft Link


Minecraft Link enables you to connect hardware devices such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi with Minecraft game via MCreator procedures, commands and general API for Minecraft mod developers.


Minecraft Link concept

Getting started with Minecraft Link

To get started with Minecraft Link for your selected hardware device, click on the appropriate button below to see the appropriate tutorial. Minecraft Link has extensive documentation to help you get started.

Get started with Minecraft Link for Arduino    Get started with Minecraft Link for Raspberry Pi


Integrated with MCreator

MCreator users can make Minecraft Link mods with the ease of our interface and procedure system. Design logic for your devices with Minecraft integration with the ease of "Scratch" like blocks. We have made examples to help you started too.

Minecraft Link in MCreator

Open source

Minecraft Link is licensed under Apache 2.0 license. All the code is therefore opensource. We made great efforts to keep the code well documented and readable. To check the code, visit our repository on GitHub. We have implemented build testing to make sure all commits are working.
Minecraft Link License Minecraft Link Documentation Minecraft Link Build Status

Minecraft Link on GitHub