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Bolivia is a country full of magical charm, with a great variety of unique crops, unique gastronomy and very interesting traditions, we want to translate all that into a mod.

BoliviaMod is being designed by this small group of Minecraft lovers and with a deep love for their country, the mod adds native Bolivian plants, unique crops, passionate mobs of fauna and flora, as well as aggressive mobs from legends and folklore, as well as new mechanics to prepare many different dishes unique to Bolivian gastronomy. We made the decision to make each update thematic, thus gradually covering the different regions of Bolivia.

Modification files
boliviamod-1.0-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 05/03/2024 - 14:32   File size: 9.84 MB



  • 55 decorative blocks were added, including: handmade rugs, crop blocks, salt blocks, baked clay blocks and plant blocks.
  • Two new minerals were added, bolivianite and ulexite with their respective uses.
  • 6 blocks with unique uses were added such as: the artisanal whisk, the drying cloth, the ceramic pot, the cheese mold, the treacherous mill and the Batan.
  • 5 masks were added to represent when the mod started.
  • The complete reinforced iron set was added, with full armor, sword and sword.
  • 30 new items were added, including the cookbook, cooking recipes, bombs, ectoplasm, living wood, Yararira scales, ghost ingot, among others.
  • Ser adds 9 new crops, among which corn, quinoa, cassava, tomato, locoto, coca among others stand out.
  • Adds 110 new foods, all national of Bolivia including spicy variants.
  • Adds 11 new creatures, including the condor, the wildcat and two bosses such as King Acalica and the Queen Bee.
  • Add 3 new archeology articles.