Stolen Conscience

Published by Chokey on Wed, 11/23/2016 - 19:01
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Looks like you want a more fun time, building, mining, and even fighting. Lets say you want more protection, more building blocks. This mod is the mod for you.

It includes new mobs such as,

- Souless Villager

- Turkey

It also has a new ore that can make armour and tools.

- Soul Gem's | Got from mining or Killing Custom Mobs

Lastly, this mod also has building blocks such as,

- Old Brick

- Wooden Barn Plank

- Wooden Barn Wall


There are many more things found in this mod, and you can figure out below.

Stolen Conscience is a mod that includes 23 Modifications that conclude...

Check the Change Log for recipes


- Old Brick

- Old Wooden Log 

- Old Wooden Plank 

- Souless Villager 

- Soul Gem 

- Soul Ore 

- Soul Rock 

- Souless Armour 

- Soul Tools 

- Soul Sword 

- Raw Marble 

- Silk Marble 

- Turkey Mob 

- Raw Turkey 

- Cooked Turkey 

- Souless Biome 

- Barn Clay 

- Wooden Barn Plank 

- Wooden Barn Wall 

- Clay Barn Wall



[Alpha v1.1.1] Starting Update

- Old Brick (Got from Smelting Brick)

- Old Wooden Log (Got from smelting a log)

- Old Wooden Plank (Got from smelting a wooden plank or using an old log)

- Souless Villager (Hostile Mob found in the Cold Taiga, 175 Health)

- Soul Gem (Found from Souless Villagers and Soul Ore)

- Soul Ore (An ore that is found at Y Level 8 - 15)

- Soul Rock (Soul Gems surrounding stone, not including the corners)

- Souless Armour (Made like normal armour but with Soul Gems;Gives potion effects)

- Soul Tools (made like normal tools, but well breaking blocks, gives a special potion effect)

- Soul Sword (Made like a sword with soul gems;most powerful weapon in the game)


[Alpha v1.2] Thanksgiving Update

- Raw Marble (Found anywhere underground)

- Silk Marble (Smelting Raw Marble)

- Turkey Mob (Found in Savannas;Not Hills, etc)

- Raw Turkey (Got from killing a Turkey;Gives Poison;2 Food Bars)

- Cooked Turkey (Got from smelting Raw Turkey;4 Food Bars)

- Souless Biome (A Biome that has all life sucked out of it;Icy Biome)

- Barn Clay (Hardened Clay surrounded by Redstone)

- Wooden Barn Plank (Wood surrounded by Pumpkin Seeds)

- Wooden Barn Wall (2 String and a Barn Plank)

- Clay Barn Wall (2 String, Barn Clay, and 2 red die)

[Alpha v1.2.1] Thanksgiving Update (Fixes)

- Raw Turkey Edit (1/2 Food Bars;No More Poison)


Modification files
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