Dragon Crystals Pack V1.0.7

Published by Zxa1 on Sun, 10/01/2017 - 11:16
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This Mod as of the latest version (V1.0.7) The Current Items are as follows:


#Dragon Mountain no trees however covered in Dragon Mountain Blocks

#Dimentnion Dragon Kingdom (Dimentnion where Dimentnion Crystals are found)



#Skeletal dragon mob (peacfull spawns in Dragon Mountains biome)

#Dragon Worshipers (peacful spawn in Dragon Mountains Biome)

#Ghosts (Roam the world slow but string attack hostile mobs)

#Dragon Soldier (bit of a WIP however they spawn in dungens and spawners are very hostile)



#Dragon Crystals (from Smelting Blue Dragon Crystals Ore)

#Black Fire Crystal (from smelting Dragon Mountains Block, Waring there hot)

#Blue Dragon Diamond (From diamonds and dragon crystals

#Small Blue Dragon Crystal Sword (the first of the itterations)

#Blue Dragon Crystal Blade (used for makeing teir 2 and 3 dragon swords)

#Blue Dragon Crystals Sword (droped by dragon worshipers rarely and teir 2 of Blue Dragon Crystal Swords)

#Extended Dragon Crystal Sword (Tier 3 of Dragon Crysta Swords, spawns lighting when right clicked on block, Strongest sword in pack)

#Dragon Crystals tools (includes Axe, Pick and shovel)

#Black fire Dragon Sword (2nd Strongest sword in pack)

#Blue Dragon Crystal Apple

#Fire Dragon Armour set (very strong (strongest armour set))

#Fire Dragon Wings (allows flight (only need to be wonrn once per life cycle(you die need to re equipt)) and no fall damage)

#Enchanted Blue Dragon Crystal sword (Alternative to Extended Blue Dragon Crystal Sword with very high Enchantablility)

#Dragon blaster (Longrage cannon uses Dragon Crystals as fule)

#Explosive Dragon Blaster (be cairfull very very powerful, not for close range)

#Dimentnion Dragon Crystal shells (from dimentnion dragon crystal ore)

#Dimentnion Dragon Crystals (from dimentnion dragon crystal shells

#Dimentnion Dragon Crystal Armour (second strongest armour set)



#Blue Dragon Crystals Block (decorative)

#Blue Dragon Diamond Block (Used for Extended Dragon Crystal Sword Resipe)

#Blue Dragon Crystal Ore

#Dragon Mountain Block

#Dimention Dragon Stone

#Dimentnion dragon crystal ore

#Refined Dimentnion dragon crystal block

#Dimentnion Logs and planks (WIP)


Ferther updates will be comming and for any sugestions please inform me, or bugs, Thank you.

Modification files
dragoncrystals_pack_v1.0.7.jar - Dragons and Crystals! what more do you want? (Version 1.0.7)272.28 KB

Please suggest anything for the mod or any bugs you experience