My Minecraft Additions

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This Mod Adds Additions To Your Minecraft World, Both Ugly And Beautiful Looks Unto Your World.

Am Too Lazy To Put Recipes So I Recommend You To Use JEI/Just Enough Items Or Other Mods That Allow You To See Recipes.



Frozen Inlands: A Frozen Place, Yup Its Just A Frozen Place.



Scythe: This Soul Like Monster Has Moved To Live On The Overworld, Causing Chaos To Players.

Drops: Gunpowder

Mesa Spider: Known To Make More Noise But Darker On Appearance, And A Glowing In The Dark Teeth.

Drops: Glowing String and Spider Eye


Thanks To MCreator, My Second Mod Couldn't Be Created.

Modification files
MyMinecraftAddtions1.12.20.1.jarUploaded on: 03/29/2018 - 13:43   File size: 197.15 KB


The Big Bang


Added Missstone Ore and Gem (None of my Mods are my Mods without one useless ore that can't do anything(at all.).)

Added Sensitive Berry: A New Food That Can Both Increase Size, Light Up Your Place, And Increase Nutritional Value.

Added Pressurse: A Block That Can Be Polished Which Somehow Makes It Look Worst.

Added Minerva Ore, Tools, Gems, and Armor.

Added "The Crate": Its Back, Run!!!!

Added Huney: The Minecraft Version Of Honey.

Added Nega-Cobblestone: Reminds Me of Something.

Added Leon Ore and Armor.

Added Scythe: A Health Tank Mob That Represents A Ghost Or The Reaper.

Added Mesa Spider: While Normal Spiders Spawn Here, These Spiders Also Spawn, Also Drops A Special Item.

Added Glowing String: Dropped by the Mesa Spider.

Added Glowing Residue: No Use In 0.1.