Survival Cheats & Hacks

Published by 42506 on Sat, 12/01/2018 - 23:40
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This mod adds a few items that will allow for easier world control, and for some trolling on a server.

I hope you like it, and please comment if you have any suggestions, concerns, or comments!

Please report bugs.


"One small block for man, one giant leap for hackers!" This update adds a new SOLID block that you can WALK THROUGH! Using the X-ray Block, you can find any nearby caves, mineshafts, or underground bases! This update also adds recipes for all of the new and old items!

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: Major Mod Updates / 2 : Small Mod Changes / 3 : Mod Forum changes


This mod was made with MCreator

Notice: The Latest Version of this Mod was made in MCreator 1.8.1

Modification files
Survival Cheats n' Hacks (1.1.0) Mcreator V 1.8.0.jar - 1.1.0 - Caution!Uploaded on: 12/01/2018 - 23:58   File size: 27.92 KB
Survival Cheats & Hacks (2.1.0) Mcreator V 1.8.1.jar - 2.1.0 - One Small Block For ManUploaded on: 02/06/2019 - 21:25   File size: 421.25 KB

2.1.0 - One Small Block For Man

- Technical Changes

  • Removed Download For "LytredCraft Sample Textures"
  • Removed Image about the "Weather Toggler"
  • Changed Phrases in Changelog

              - "Changed" to "Split", added "item" and changed

                "Lytred craft textures" to "LytredCraft Sample Textures"

  • Updated Notice Tab in the Description Box
  • Added Mod Image for the New Block and all the Blocks and Items in the Mod
  • Added Section in the Description about the Latest Update

- Mod Changes

  • Added New Block, "X-ray"
  • Added Recipes For All Mod Elements

2.0.0 - Goodbye, Mr.Fly

- Technical Changes

  • Changed Changelog Layout

              - Changed "Mod Additions" to "Mod Changes"

              - Changed Changelog Update Layout from Top-Bottom to Bottom-Top

              - Added Update Descriptor Tab: "Notices"

  • Changed Mod Images
  • Changed Release type to "Alpha"
  • Added New Mod Profile
  • Added new Download File, "LytredCraft Sample Textures"
  • Added Description Piece, confirming the making of this mod

              - Changed Mod Name from "Survival Cheats 'n Hacks" to "Survival Cheats & Hacks"

- Mod Changes

  • Split "Time Controller" item into two items: "Day Controller" and "Night Controller"
  • Removed "Fly Toggle"

- Notices


1.1.1 - Nothing...

- Technical Changes

  • added texture download of Litryed Craft updated textures

1.0.0 - Oops!

- Technical Changes

  • Misspelled "Daytime Toggler", should have been "Time controller"

    1.1.0 - Caution!

    - Technical Changes

    • This mod was made with Mcreator 1.8.0, warning.
    • Version 2.0.0 of my mod, made with Mcreator 1.8.1 is coming!

    1.0.5 - I'm Back!

    - Technical changes

    • Mod re-published
    • Doesn't appear in the modification section of the forum 

      1.0.4 - I'm Back?

      - Technical Changes

      • Mod issues fixed

      Again, And More!- Technical Changes

        1.0.3 - Crud

        - Technical Changes

        • Mod unpublished for image errors

        1.0.2 - "Oops" Again, And More!

        - Technical Changes

        • Updated Mod Profile
        • In Description, added Changelog Navigator

        1.0.1 - Another "Oops!"

        - Technical Changes

        • In the pictures menu, misspelled "Daytime Toggler", should have been "Time controller"

        1.0.0 - Oops!

        - Technical Changes

        • Misspelled "Daytime Toggler", should have been "Time controller"

        0.0.0 - The Beginning

        - Mod Changes

        • Added Time Controller
        • Added Fly Toggle

        that doesnt function on servers problebly because of the permissions 1-4 you most have first permissions for the night and day and wheater items
        for that you most be first permission 4 for fully control of the time and weather.
        and the x ray is a texture pack that you put in the mod. So like if press button activate texture pack.
        Only the xray will function on servers problebly -GH