Brocher's Addons Beta

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Welcome to the Brocher's Addons mod!


Brocher's Addons is a vanilla + and utility type mod adding weapons (for the moment a pistol), blocks, armor, and 3D blocks which unfortunately are bugged and fixed in the next updates.



This version is a beta of the mod! So there may be bugs (a lot)! if this is the case, please send it to me in the comments of the mod.


thanks and good game!



You can also join the mod's discord server!

Project members
Lead developer
Model designer
Texture designer
Gameplay designer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Brocher's addons Béta.jar - The First version of the mod190.21 KB
Brocher's Addons 1.2.0.jar - This is the update n°2 of the Brocher's Addons Mod : The Biome Update !363.2 KB
Brocher's Addons 1.3.1.jar - Version 3 of the mod ! There is the : Random Update !1008.67 KB

This version is a beta ! So it can contain a lot of bugs ! If it's the case, please, report it in the mod commentaries.