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Welcome to BIG. I used the Bad Mod Idea Generator by @LapisPhoenix (Go to Generator). It's kinda dumb but kinda cool too.

Changed Block Datas:

  • If you destroy fire, it'll drop 5 Diamonds.
  • If you destroy Coal, it just explodes.
  • If you destroy Leafes, you get a nether Star (welp)
  • If you destroy Dandellions or Poppys, you will get a Diamond.
  • Trees may heal you. Try out how. (Just break logs!)
  • If you destroy fully-growen Potatoes or Carrots you get Sun.

Changed Entity Data/AI:

  • Sheep will turn into Bedrock
  • Chicken will turn into Water
  • RIP Villagers: They just explode.
  • Horses are super fast.
  • Squids are yeeted out of the world.
  • Slimes are invisible.
  • The Dragon is allergic to coal. Well... Just hold coal in his range.
  • Zombies got yeeted to the Squids.
  • Zombified Piglins and Skeletons turn into Grass. wow.
  • Let the Cat's diamonds go to you. (SECRET FEATURE)

Changed Armor Data/AI:

  • Chain Armor instantly breaks when hitted with a Fist.

Changed Item Data/AI:

  • Milk is Fuel now. Holds longer than Lava.
  • You can now craft Dark Oak to Normal Oak and reverse using Black/white Dye.
  • Wheat is fuel now.
  • You can craft wheat now: Grass + Seeds + Wood Hoe + bonemeal
  • Enderpearls kill anyone on touch.

New Items, Tools, Entities, Armor etc. Data/AI:

  • You can now make Dirt Tools. (Dirt yk)
  • You can now make Coal Tools (Coal)
  • You can now make Mushroom Tools (Red Mush Blocks!)
  • You can now make Nether Star Tools. (Nether Stars yk)
  • And you can make Snow Tools. (Snow BLOCKS!)
  • Changed AI Settings for the Night
    • The Moon can kill you. Stay inside every night.
    • Mobs spawn 10% quicker then normal.
  • New Slime Tool: Breaks Beacons faster.
  • New Sun and new Snowflake actually do nothing.
  • New Throwable Sword: Craftable like Dirt Sword or not (Random)
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BIG.jar - big____1Uploaded on: 02/09/2021 - 07:13   File size: 191.61 KB

Indev started.