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This Mod is made by myself because I gave up on making an actual legitimate Mod. It includes stoopid stuff that i made because i am making this mod for fun! This Mod is made with MCreator since it is easy to use. This Mod includes ore packs, and normal utility pack, but it also has some other stuff too. i hope you enjoy my stoopid mod. :)

Modification files
Fb's Stoopid Mod 1 Version 1.jar - Yes this is Mod first versionUploaded on: 03/08/2021 - 08:13   File size: 121.72 KB
Fb's Stoopid Mod 1 Indev version 1.5.jar - A slightly updated versionUploaded on: 03/09/2021 - 05:50   File size: 172.08 KB
Fb's Stoopid Mod 1 Indev v.1.7.jar - Another Slightly Updated VersionUploaded on: 03/11/2021 - 14:19   File size: 246.96 KB

The first version includes Ruby stuff like gems, ingot's, armor (no tools tho). enderite ore, ingot, and scythe. platinum ingot, and armor. a hammer. And finally a new biome called LolBiome (because i give up at that point |:/). i think that's all.

Indev Version 1.5: Platinum ore, and tools (only sword, and pickaxe), a knife, a gun and bullet, a new gunner mob, and two new advancements.

Indev Version 1.7:Ember Ore, Ember gem (needs tweaking), Slingshot, pebble, a gun that need's to be winded up, obsidian armor, and sword, and 3 new biomes.