Published by Milwit on Sun, 07/18/2021 - 00:50
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome to Anarchy! The craziest, most random and dumbest mod on the web!

2nd mod I actually care about

This mod adds many different strange and questionable features to the game!

Including but not limited to:

- Flapcap: A neutral mob that can spawn anywhere, reminiscent of a bird of sorts.

- Murder Pig: Evil killer pig! Spawns at night anywhere. Will attack anything in its path and show no mercy!

- Urmomium: Strongest ore in the game by a landslide, has the power to obliterate anything and protect you from anything.

- Acid: Liquid exclusive to the End. Can burn and kill anything that touches its surface.

More to come, putting this up so I can receive some ideas and feedback.


I ask that those do not use this mod for modpacks just yet (as it is still in development) or distribute the mod without permission.

Modification files

Version Indev 1.1.0

- Added Urmomium + Tools & armor

- Added Acid

- Fixed Murder Pig Speed bug

- Rebranded to Anarchy from Weird Creatures

- Added mod item tab in creative menu