Raw Ores

Published by Luckius_ on Sat, 08/28/2021 - 15:14
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Raw Ores

Raw Ores is a simple mod for Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 that adds the raw ores from Minecraft 1.17. This mod also allows for the generation of copper in your Minecraft world.

When you break one of these three ores (Iron, Gold and Copper ore), it now drops raw item corresponding to the ore you've mined. You can now use the Fortune enchantment to get more ores when mining! You can still get the original ore block by having Silk Touch on your pickaxe.


All the Ores!
All the Ores ! - Copper, Iron & Gold


Raw Copper smelting (works with Blast Furnace)


Copper Ore

This mod also add the Copper Ore from Minecraft 1.17. It doesn't serve any purpose by the time being, but you can have the Raw Copper Ore Block, the Block of Copper and the Copper Ingot by smelting it.


Copper Ore generating in the overworld


The Copper Ore generate with an average amount of ore groups per chunk of 6, an average number of ores in a group of 16, and inside a 0-96 height range.



I plan to add all of the Copper Block variants and the Waxed ones, with maybe the Copper Rod.

Modification files
RawOres_1.0.0.jar - [1.16.5] Raw Ores - 1.0.0286.05 KB
RawOres_1.1.0.jar - [1.16.5] Raw Ores - 1.1.0289.45 KB

[Version 1.0.0] :

  • Added New Item : Raw Iron
  • Added New Item : Raw Gold
  • Added New Item : Raw Copper
  • Added New Item : Copper Ingot
  • Added New Block : Raw Iron Block
  • Added New Block : Raw Gold Block
  • Added New Block : Raw Copper Block
  • Added New Block : Copper Ore
  • Added New Block : Block of Copper
  • Copper Ore generates in the overworld

[Version 1.1.0] :

  • Added blocks and items to several forge tags

Could you to add a copper armor and copper tools that will be better than leather & stone ones but worse than iron ones?

@GrzechuGrek It isnt planned for 1.17/1.18 and the mod author just want to make it vanilla...It just ported(downgraded) some content,and possibly he/she dont want to add anything new