Sky Age

Published by Dreeperte on Thu, 09/09/2021 - 17:01
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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IMPORTANT : no need to download a map, when you create a world, a void world with the island will be automatically created

please download JEI to discover all the crafts.

For the machines recipe you have documentation inside there GUIs.

SkyAge is a skyblock mod, that is inspired from the modpack gregblock.

I planned to add more age in the future.

Tutorial for the mod (IN FRENCH): 

The mod isn't finish yet so there might be some bugs. 

--Stone Age--

-Hammer : use to craft pebble, he can also be  used to crush down cobblestone into gravel and gravel into sand.

-Sieve : right click with gravel to obtain ore !

-Crucible : put sapling inside it to obtain dirt

-Water barrel : put sapling inside it to obtain water

-Iron crucible : Put cobblestonen inside it to obtain LAVA

-Crook : use to get more saplings when breaking leaves

-Mortar : use to crush down some minerals


If you want your system to be effecient don't do loops with cables :

test test2



Keep in mind that with mcreator procedures you can't get the slot count of an inventory, so conveyor will put the item on the first slot, the only expection is if the block is a chest. 

Basic conveyor : can transfer item but cannot pull item 

Smart conveyor : can transfer and pull item and have a GUI to specified which item should be taken (a filter)

--Bronze Age--

-Steam pipe : transport steam (see tutorial for wiring)

-Wood pipe : transfer water (see tutorial for wiring)

-Steam generator : generate steam with coal and water

-Steam pump : pump water when powered by steam

-Steam Furnace : smelt item using steam

-Steam Alloy smelter : use to make diffrent alloy (click on the button "help" inside the alloy smelter GUIs to see the recipes)

-Steam Gear Maker : create gear from plate

-Steam Plate Maker : Create Plate from ingot

-Steam sieve : put gravel on the first slot and this machine will start to produce minerals :D

-Steam Macerator : Crush down coal into coal dust, cobblestone into gravel and gravel into sand.

-Steam Cobblestone generator : Generate cobblestone when powered with steam

-Steam dirt generator : convert saplings to dirt.

--LV age--

-LV cables can transfer 1000 FE / t

-All previous machine have there electric version, machines that use recipe with multiple item must have the number needed of item + 1 (to filter item and allow automation)

-Solar panel : Generate 5 FE / t 

-Steam turbine : Generate 50 FE / t (convert 2mb of steam into 1 FE) 

-Extractor : convert one raw rubber to 2 rubber.

-Extruder : can create various item with molds (see the button "help" inside the extruder GUI)

-Polarizer : see recipe inside GUI

-Assembler : see recipe inside GUI

-Wiremill : convert ingot into wire

-Compressor : transfrom ingot into there compressed version


If you want to get rubber in order to progress to the LV age, you will need breed some bees.

-Bee trap : attract normal bees

-Bee breader : use to create new bees

-Bee chamber : inside the bee chamber, bees will produce various materials

-Apiary : use to duplicate bees 

Breeding list : 

breading list


-Wire cutter


-Wood hammer

-Stone Hammer

-Iron Hammer

-Iron forge Hammer

-Mano meter

-Volt meter


I advise you to follow the advancements in order to progress ! 

--Planned features--

-MV age 

-HV age

-Aluminium blast furnace multi block

-Compression chamber multi block

-Biomass generator







Modification files
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