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Minecraft Forge mod
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UPDATE: As you may have heard, I have new mod ideas for reaching further goals with larger quantities of followers! Expect some really cool mods in the future!

This is a mod that I made for reaching 100 followers! If I reach further goals, I will release more features!



- First version!

- Added Scarecrows! These will scare mobs away in later versions!

- Added Tablegs! Act like endermen, but are shaped like creepers! They do in fact have a different look!

- Added Netted Traps! Used to trap and hurt mobs! Useful for making mob farms!

- Added Soul Sand bricks! Also comes with a cracked version!

- Added Hammers! Used for cracking bricks manually!

- Added new Advancements!


Thanks to MCreator for making this mod possible!

Modification files
mod-display-name-here-1.0.0.jar - Version KB

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