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Are you prepared to become the best wizard in the worlds of Minecraft? Then you have come to the right place!

Arcane Wizardry let you use powerful magics using elemental books and a mana system.

Craftings can be seen using JEI

Official mod updates and bug report here!:


There are around 110 items.


There are 8 elements: Earth, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water; Wind, Chaos and Light.

Elemental books have three tiers: Books, Elden books and Arcane books.

Books have a special treasure enchantment called Recharge, which lowers their cooldowns 25%!

Tier I books has 3 spells, Tier II 4 Spells and Tier III 5 Spells. Spells can be rotated by pressing Shift+Right click, and spells are casted with right click (Remember! Spells cannot be rotated when the book is on cooldown).

Spellonite Ore

Rare material that appears deep in the overworld, used to craft tools and magical items as books or scrolls 

Spellonite tool will get magical abbilities while holding an Elden or Arcane book in your off hand

  • Earth: Posion non undead enemies,
  • Fire: set foes on fire and adds autosmelt to pickaxe with arcane book,
  • Ice: slow up foes,
  • Thunder: give electric shock effect to foes,
  • Water: Heavy extra damage to fire immune creatures and enderman.
  • Wind: Propels enemies up.
  • Chaos: heal when hitting an enemy and gives foes Blindness.
  • Light: Extra damage to Undead foes and gives Glowing. Also Arcane book adds autosmelt to pickaxe and doubles autosmelt drops.

Spellonite Tools and blocksSpellonite Tools elementally infused



They have different uses: combine in crafting table or hit a Squid to receive Ink Flasks, right click a Thunderbird to get Electrified Essence Flasks or in the world height 200 or more to get Cloud Essence. You can make Magic Ink with the Ink Flasks: used to active low-level scrolls or upgrade books to second tier and Enchanted Inkused to active High-level scrolls or upgrade books to third tier.


7 low-level - Blessing scroll, Clairvoyance Scroll, Cursing Scroll, Jump Scroll, Magic Missile Scroll, Fairie Fire Scroll, Confusion Scroll  and 6 high-level - Healing Scroll, Fly Scroll, Invulnerability Scroll, Magical Servant Scroll, Enchant Scroll: right click with the scroll in the off hand and the item you want to enchant in the main. Only works with vanilla enchantmentsUncurse Scroll: Scroll in the main hand and  the item you want to uncurse in the off hand. Only works with vanilla curses.

All scrolls and Scribe's table


Other Items

  • Arcane Scepter: Shoots powerful elemental bolts, and enhances Arcanes Books' 5 spell.
  • Starlight Gem: Dropped by defeating Rowena. Used to craft the Arcane Scepter.
  • Elemental infused netherite: crafted by combining all the elemental catalysts with one netherite ingot. Used to craft spellonite tools and warlock armor.
  • Ancestral stone: dropped by fragile fountains used to craft resistant fountains.
  • Chalk: No use at the moment, but will have in the next update.
  • Void Dust: ore that can be found rarely across the End biomes, used to craft the Solidified Void.
  • Solidified Void: if you have one in your inventory it can save you of falling into the void at the cost of the item itself. Used to craft Light and Chaos Essences.
  • Salamander hide: used to craft Flamewalker cape, and Eternal Fire. 
  • Lightning feather: used to brew Electric Resistance potion.
  • Wisp Core: used to craft Fire related items
  • Ancient stone: prime catalyst used to craft earth items, right click to get resistance 1 for a couple of seconds, can be used up to 5 times.
  • Eternal Fire: Prime catalyst used to craft fire related items. Can be used as an infinite lighter.
  • Star of the Winter: prime catalyst used to craft ice items.
  • Light Essence: prime catalyst to craft Light related items.
  • Chaos Essence: prime catalyst to craft Chaos related items.

Other items



Mage Armors are use to increase your mana recharging Colors can be combined also you can upgrade the netherite armor with elemental netherite ingots to create the Warlock armor which gives a very high speed mana recharging and if your life has decreased for 40% or more the armor have a chance to reflect any type of damage. Flamewalker Cape Burns nearby entities and gives the wearer Fire resistance

Warlock armor!Mage armors

Light Acolyte Robes and Flamewalker cape




This hostile creature spawns during night in the Dark Forests of the overworld and shoots Wizards with its magical fire.

Rarely it will drop a Wisp Core.




This neutral creature appears in the Crimson Forests and Warped Forests of the

Nether. it will shoot its attackers with fire balls. Can be tamed with Spider Eyes. It

won't follow its owner, but will follow nearby Wizards that has spider eyes in its hands.

On kill it will drop Blaze Powder or, rarely, Salamander Hide.



This neutral creature appears rarely during Storms in the overworld. It

 will shoot its attackers powerful thunders that will create a thundering chain on landing

On kill it will drop rarely Lightning Feathers. Electrified essence can be obtain by right clicking him with empty flasks.


Creatures In-Game

In-game Mobs


There are a total of 10 blocks:

Spellonite ore, Spellonite block, Void Dust ore, Chalk ore, Scribes table: used to upgrade or active scrolls, crystal Ball used to teleport to any coordinates, Ancestral fountain: used to fill flasks with mana, Mighty Pig Fountain, Villager Bust Fountain and Venus de Voxel Fountain, all variants of the ancestral fountain.

Using the Scribe's Table:

Using Scribe's Table Using Scribe's Table 2

All blocks




Ruins can be found sometimes across forest biomes. They contain the ancestral fountain and loot.

An intact Shrine can be rarely generated that contains more loot than the usuals

Forest RuinsInside the shrine



9 new potion effects, and 47 brand new achievements!


Future Plans

Rituals. (Rowena will be summoned by them)

Fairy mob.

Elf Mob.

Elemental Spirits



Translated to Spanish


Q: When 1.16+?

A: Someday!

Q: Fabric?

A: Sorry! Forge only.

Q: Can be used in my Mod Pack?

A: Of Course you can! Just remember to credit me!

Version 1.16

If you find any bugs let me know them!

Video Reviews are greatly welcome!

If you like it, remember to Upvote it!

Thanks ^^

Modification files
ArcaneWizardry1.3.0.jar - The Mythical creatures updateUploaded on: 09/14/2022 - 13:17   File size: 4.14 MB
ArcaneWizardry1.2.1_1.jar - Light and Shade updateUploaded on: 08/29/2022 - 15:09   File size: 3.44 MB

Version 1.3.0

  • Added Salamander entity.
  • Added Wisp entity.
  • Added Thunderbird entity.
  • Added Rowena Boss entity.
  • Added Starlight gem.
  • Added Arcane Scepter.
  • Added Eternal Fire.
  • Added Salamander hide.
  • Added Wisp Core.
  • Added LightningFeather.
  • Added Flamewalker cape.
  • Added Light mage armor.
  • Added Broom.
  • Added  Scorching bolt(broom).
  • Added Venus de Voxel Fountain.
  • Added chalk ore, raw chalk and chalk(no use at the moment).
  • Added Electric Resistance potion effect.
  • Added Electric Resistance potion item.
  • Added 12 achievements.
  • Electrified Essence can no longer be obtained by right clicking on a storm but in a Thunderbird.
  • Replaced Blaze powder with eternal fire in Fire related recipes.
  • Changed Fairie Fire scroll recipe.
  • Fixed Solidified Void not working properly.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2.1

  • Added light and chaos books craftings.

Version 1.2.0

  • Added Light books and essence.
  • Added Chaos books and essence.
  • Added Void Dust and Ore. 
  • Added Solidified Void.
  • Added Star of the Winter.
  • Added Recharge enchantment.
  • Added confusion effect.
  • Added magical shield effect.
  • Added magical flight effect.
  • Added Resurrection effect.
  • Added fragile fountain.
  • Added 6 scrolls craftings materials its respective 6 scrolls.
  • Fixed Electrified Essence not working properly.
  • Fixed Cloud Essence not working properly.
  • Fixed uncurse scroll crafting working incorrectly.
  • Fixed controlled falling spell working while in air and consuming mana without casting spell.
  • Some other bug fixes.
  • Shrine's Ancient fountains changed by the new fragile fountain.
  • Crafted fountains no longer drops Ancestral stone on broken.
  • Changed Spellonite Shovel and Pickaxe textures.
  • Changes on various craftings.
  • Changed Snow Star abbility.
  • Upgraded Spellonite tool and Warlock armor due to increased difficulty of crafting elemental infused netherite.

I just made a community post on my YouTube channel supporting your mod!

Nice work! This is rather similar to my mod lol, though it looks like your further along than I. Gratz on MOTW.

Very nice! I've been working on a similar project. I hope you will like it!

Cool mod! Graduations on winning mod the week. How did you make the Scribe's Table?

I created the block, binded it to the gui, and make a procedure that executes when button is pressed, the procedure checks if the center slot is empty and the corrects item are in the side slots, then it will put the desired object in center. If you want more info, just let me now.

Ok, I'm trying to make something similar. but there are no tutorials that are specific enough.
If you want as soon as this comment goes up. I will start a new form topic. So just check my profile.