Arcane Wizardry

Published by Kurotama on Sat, 07/23/2022 - 23:53
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Are you prepared to become the best wizard in the worlds of Minecraft? Then you have come to the right place!

Arcane Wizardry let you use powerful magics using elemental books and a mana system.

Craftings can be seen using JEI


There are around 72 items


  • Book of Earth - Elden Book of Earth - Arcane Book of Earth
  • Book of Fire - Elden Book of Fire - Arcane Book of Fire
  • Book of Ice - Elden Book of Ice - Arcane Book of Ice
  • Book of Thunder - Elden Book of Thunder - Arcane Book of Thunder
  • Book of Water - Elden Book of Water - Arcane Book of Water
  • Book of Wind - Elden Book of Wind - Arcane Book of Wind

Tier I books has 3 spells, Tier II 4 Spells and Tier III 5 Spells. Spells can be rotated be pressing Shift+Right click, and spells are casted with right click (Remember! Spells cannot be rotated when the book is on coooldown).

Spellonite Ore

Rare material that appears deep in the overworld, used to craft tools and magical items as books or scrolls 

Spellonite tool will get magical abbilities while holding an Elden or Arcane book in your off hand - Earth: Posion non undead enemies, Fire: set foes on fire and adds autosmelt to pickaxe with arcane book, Ice: slow up foes, Thunder: give electric shock effect to foes, Water: Heavy extra damage to fire immune creatures and enderman and Wind: Propels enemies up.

Spellonite Tools and blocks



They have different uses: combine in crafting table to receive Ink Flasks, right click on a storm to get Electrified Essence Flasks or in the world height 200 or more to get Cloud Essence. You can make Magic Ink with the Ink Flasks: used to active low-level scrolls or upgrade books to second tier and Enchanted Inkused to active High-level scrolls or upgrade books to third tier.


4 low-level - Blessing scroll, Clairvoyance Scroll, Cursing Scroll, Jump Scroll and 3 high-level - Enchant Scroll: right click with the scroll in the off hand and the item you want to enchant in the main, Healing Scroll, Uncurse Scroll: Scroll in the main hand and  the item you want to uncurse in the off hand.




Mage Armors are use to increase your mana recharging Colors can be combined also you can upgrade the netherite armor with elemental netherite ingots to create the Warlock armor which gives a very high speed mana recharging and a good defense.

Download the mod to find out the Warlock armor!Mage armors



Ancient stone

Elemental infused netherite


Spellonite Ore, Spellonite Block, Scribes table: used to upgrade or active scrolls, crystal Ball used to teleport to any coordinates, Ancestral fountain: used to fill flasks with mana, Mighty Pig Fountain, Villager Bust Fountain both variants of the ancestral fountain.

Using the Scribe's Table:

Using Scribe's Table Using Scribe's Table 2



Ruins can be found sometimes across forest biomes. They contain the ancestral fountain and loot

Forest RuinsRuins Inside






























Semi-translated to Spanish

Version 1.16

If you find any bugs let me know them!

can be used in my Mod Pack?: Of Course you can!

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Fixed Electrified Essence not working properly.