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[Re]Structure | v2.0.0Support me on Ko-Fi

Restructuring your structures

Forge and Fabric Plugin

Available for MCreator 2023.3, 2023.2 & 2023.1

Prerequisites | This is for your workspace.

  • Backup your workspace before installation.
    There is a chance [Re]Structure may not work.

Instructions on installing:

  1. Download [Re]Structure - Forge & Fabric.zip
  2. Open MCreator.
  3. Open Preferences.
  4. Open Manage Plugins.
  5. Enable Java Plugins
  6. Open plugins folder.
  7. Drag and drop [Re]Structure - Forge & Fabric.zip into plugins folder.
  8. Close MCreator's Preferences.
  9. Close MCreator.
  10. Reopen MCreator.

Instructions on using:
Open your Workspace after making a Backup.

Using the [Re]Structure Element GUI is very straight-forward.
The process is very similar to the way you would create a structure in MCreator.

There are a few new options available to change; some currently unavailable for now.
Which you can view the [ ? ] icons to get a better understanding of what each entry does.

Note: You will need to recreate your structures in order for the data pack equivalent to work properly.
As my plugin no longer automatically converts structures created by MCreator into the data pack version.

Using the [Re]Structure Menu:

Currently when you install [Re]Structure, you may notice a new Menu option available at the top of MCreator.

This is where you will find a notification on new updates available, and where you can get a direct link to the GitHub Issue Tracker.

For inquiries / questions about [Re]Structure, please direct them to the GitHub Discussions page.

When updating; remove the previous version.


Changelog on GitHub

Future Plans (Board):

 [Re]Structure Plugin

A Website dedicated to my plugins, mods, and other miscellaneous builds will be coming in the near future.
This plugin is based off my tutorial on YouTube.
If you enjoy this plugin, don't forget to upvote!

The only available place to download [Re]Structure is this plugin page and GitHub.
[Re]Structure - Copyright © 2023 GregoryAM

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This plugin takes your structures and turns them into their data pack equivalent, making them actual structures. Similar to the way all Minecraft Structures are generated.

This allows for you to use /locate structure and actually find your structure in-game.

Well, actually. It can't do both for structures.
If it's a custom structure, it'll be basically ${modid}:${structureName}
IF it's biomes you're planning on adding that the structure can spawn in.
It can do minecraft:${biome} and ${modid}:${mod_biome} is what I meant.

Yeah, I realized after someone had shown me the GitHub page for "True Structures". It was a bit discouraging.

But, I can at least learn a lot more about plugin development in the processes of doing this. Which I plan on adding a GUI to this plugin to learn more about them.

Can you add support for versions lower than 1.18.2? (1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2/1.14.4)

Hey, _Spectrall!
I'll be able to start working on this request after today.

[Re]Structure v1.0.0 is released today which brings breaking changes to the plugin, which will only be available for 1.20.1 Forge and Fabric and support for 1.18.2 coming shortly after (A Day or two later).
I believe that this will be possible since Minecraft introduced data packs in 1.13-1.14.4, but I will need to go through doing research on how these data packs are structured.

This plugin is wonderful and I need this so much but until you fix the weight issue is defintely useless
Structures spawn everywhere

It's not the weight that determines how many spawn.
The min / max on the structure set page do.

Playing with these numbers will determine the spacing and separation.

The [ ? ] Will tell you more information on it as it also gives an example

Is there anything specific you're waiting for from an update?

I originally thought updating this would be quicker, and I'd produce an update once or twice a week, but nope lol Java plug-in development is harder than that.

I'll dig around to see if it's possible to make it where the player can spawn in the structure. But I haven't seen this done before, at least not without commands. Which are commands I don't know. Sounds similar to some custom mods I've seen that weren't created with MCreator. So I might have to look at those mods source code and see.

For the unsupported options, I'm trying to make a custom GUI that will support them. Currently I'm working on making it where mobs can spawn in and around the structure, and that's my starting point for the unsupported options since it'll use the same GUI.