P.E.L. Procedures (Player 1st\3rd person camera check & Stored Enchantments check & Check Player Language)

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P.E.L. Procedures. by _SerpX_
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This plugin will add new procedures for checking various things: 1)Checking player 1st\3rd person camera; 2)Checking items for stored enchantments; 3)Checking the player's enabled language in the game setting.

I have been watching the topics on the forum for a long time and constantly run into problems, often the same for many people, since MCreator cannot provide absolutely all the functions that would be useful for the creators of mods in MCreator. This plugin was created to fix some such things, for example, to create an overlay that is displayed only in the first person or to perform an action if a STORED enchantment  is detected in an enchanted book.


Example 1: overlay that is displayed only in the first person

In-game (using the example of my mod):

(Sorry for the quality of the gif image)


Example 2: Action if a STORED enchantment  is found in an enchanted book (Description for enchantment):

In-game (using the example of my mod):

(Sorry for the quality of the gif image)


v1.2 - In development...

v1.1 - Added support for 1.19.4 generator          (tested on Mcreator versions 2023.2 and 2023.3)
v1.0 - First release; 1.19.2 generator support     (tested on Mcreator version 2023.2)


The name of the plugin has been shortened and renamed from "Procedures: Player 1st\3rd Person camera check & Stored Enchantments check & Check Player Language" in "P.E.L. procedures".

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Hello! So, is it possible to port 3rd/1rd person check into 1.16.5? it would be really amazing..

I'm sorry, but I don't have time to support the plugin at all, since the last couple of weeks (if not months) I am working on my other project in my free time. I have already promised many people to port the plugin to different versions (you can see the comments on the plugin), but as a result I have not even started porting yet (SORRY GUYS!!!!).
I'm sorry, but if you URGENTLY need a port for version 1.16.5, then you shouldn't rely on me, since I don't think I'll start porting in the coming weeks (or maybe months).

It would be neat if you would open PR to add "Player 1st\3rd person camera check" and "Player language" procedure blocks to the core if you are interested :)

Wow, I didn't expect one of the MCreator team developers to write a comment on my plugin page. Since my knowledge of English is not very strong, I did not fully understand what "PR" means in your message, but I assume that you meant "project repository", that is, the source code of my plugin, IF I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING CORRECTLY.
I would be only glad if you would add these procedures officially to the MCreator core, but I have no idea where, and most importantly, how to provide the source code correctly. Do I just need to provide only the lines of code themselves, and there aren't many of them, or will I need to do something else to make everything meet the standards, etc.?

Maybe. I'll try.
At the moment, it is very difficult for me to combine studying at school and plugin support, and to all this, the development of my own project, so I can't say if I will be able to port it in the coming weeks.

hello, is it possible to port plugin to 1.16.5..? because i'm making mod for my server, and i need similar things which this plugin has..

I'll try, but the code for version 1.16.5 MAYBE very different in structure from 1.19.2/1.19.4, and it will take me time to make a port for this version. Although there is not much code used in the procedures, and maybe next week I will make a port.
I'm sorry if there are errors in my message, I use a translator because I don't know English very well.

*Sorry for my English, I'm pretty bad at it, so I may have grammatical and linguistic errors (as there seem to be in my previous message). What I meant was that I was worried that perhaps I had made a mistake in the plugin and, without noticing it, I calmly published the plugin, thinking that everything was fine. And since this is my first time publishing any content on the site, I'm worried that I might have made a mistake somewhere.