Rubidium Oculus [Forge 1.20.1]

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About the plugin

This plugin adds two MCreator test mods to Minecraft that allow you to test shaders.

Rubidium is a Minecraft mod focused on enhancing performance. It serves as an unofficial fork of Iris, and Oculus is another Minecraft mod that specializes in shaders for Forge. It provides players with immersive visual effects and enhances the overall graphics experience in the game.


Installation is done through the workspace setting -> external API -> Check both mods



Shaders : rethinking-voxels_r0.1_alpha10

Configure Sahders

Adjust performence -> Videos Settings...

Only for Forge 1.20.1

Embeddium and Rubidium are incompatible, you have to choose only one.

Plugin downloads
Plugin Rubidium Oculus 1.20.1 - Rubidium-Oculus.zipUploaded on: 01/04/2024 - 04:48   File size: 1.67 KB
Plugin Rubidium/Embeddium Oculus 1.20.1 - Rubidium-Oculus_0.zipUploaded on: 01/06/2024 - 06:44   File size: 2.12 KB


I don't think this plugin is working, because when I tried to put it into Mcreator, the plugins failed to load.