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About the plugin

Introducing two brand new mod elements to MCreator, Just Enough Recipes (JER) revolutionizing the creation of crafting stations with the JEI recipe type and JEI recipe. Now, unleash the full potential of your custom crafting stations by seamlessly integrating their recipes into Just Enough Items (JEI). 


This is a Java Plugin and therefore requires the java plugins feature to be enabled in plugin management.


How to use?


For any of this to work, you will first need to enable the JEI API in workspace settings.

You can then create a recipe type, which is a category in which all of your recipes will be displayed. Here, you can integrate the layout of your custom crafting station into JEI.

JEI renders textures in its menu at over double the size, so your textures will need to have a canvas size of 256x256. You can just change the canvas size of your regular texture like below. Texture width and height in the recipe type determines how much of this is shown.

You can then add recipes to the category using the JEI recipe element.

After doing all this, you should see your custom recipe layout in JEI when you click at the item your recipe crafts.


The recipes you create for JEI are also real minecraft recipes that can be used in your crafting table using the new procedure block introduced by the plugin.

PS: You can also get the amount of items this results in using this existing procedure block:

Item information

Thought that's all the plugin offers? Think again. Now with the JEI information mod element, you can add item information to any item.

Anvil recipes and brewing recipe integration

In addition to allowing you to integrate custom crafting layouts into JEI, this plugin will also integrate brewing recipes into JEI, which does not happen with base MCreator. This is done automatically while the Just enough items API is enabled.

It also intoduces the anvil recipe mod element, which creates a functional anvil recipe and integrates it into JEI.


-Added a validator in JEI recipes to prevent user mistakes

-Fixed using tags in brewing recipes causing a build error

-Added the JEI information mod element

-Redesigned the JEI recipe GUI
-JEI recipes can now use the same ingredient multiple times
-Fixed using air in JEI recipes causing the recipes not to load

-Added a procedure block to get the result itemstack of a recipe type

-Fixed brewing recipes being registered incorrectly when using potions in some cases

-Fixed a build error in 1.20.1 in MCreator 2023.4
-Added the ability to make working vanilla anvil recipes

-Fixed potion items in brewing recipes not showing up in JEI

-MCreator brewing recipes are now automatically added to JEI if JEI is enabled
-Replaced the old element icon

-Made crafting table selection for recipe types optional through a toggle
-Fixed recipes not generating in 2023.3

-Fixed some, uhh... build errors

-Recipe types now require defining the crafting table they are crafted with

-Fixed recipes not working when using the same ingredient more than once
-Fixed texture width and height not being able to have different values
-Fixed being able to save JEI elements without enabling the API
MIT License

Plugin downloads
Just enough recipes v1.7.2 (2023.3 ONLY) - just_enough_recipes_5.zipUploaded on: 02/24/2024 - 05:54   File size: 92.12 KB
Just enough recipes v1.7.2 (2023.4 ONLY) - just_enough_recipes_6.zipUploaded on: 02/24/2024 - 05:55   File size: 80.16 KB


Hi there, is it possible to make shapeless recipes? thanks in advanced.

Do the recipes require the jei mod or can I just use the API with the side effect of having the jei menu available

If I put air in a crafting (word I can't spell right now) will it register as nothing or as a air block

This is an amazing plugin. Thank you so much for doing it.

Couple of feature requests if you're up for it:

1- Allow chance based outputs that could allow multiple outputs.

2 - allow tags in ingredients

Thank you for your concideration.

This is an amazing mod and has helped me out so much, it let me simplify my custom recipe a ton and I feel like the mod is a ton more professional now. JEI integration just makes a mod really feel like a proper mod. Thank you so much!

Sorry for the bother, but I've recreated the mod in forge (pretty easy), but the world won't load and I can't create a new one when I have the JEI API selected. I read a forum on MCreator that says if the src/resources folder is deleted and then the project is rebuilt it will sometimes work but it didn't for me. I deleted the resources folder, which allowed the world to run, but it deleted all of the textures. When the project is rebuilt the same "datapacks can't be loaded | boot in safe mode". Is there something I did wrong?:

As well, I can post the console text, but I'm not sure if I should as it might contain personal info.

I found out that the reason the world won't load is not because of my custom recipe type (this still could be a factor), but because of the my first custom recipe using that recipe type. Have I configured it wrong? Here's the generated code for the new crafting type with an image and then the second thing is the first generated craft code with an image (If this is not the right place to post this, I will promptly move it if told):

Generated code for the custom recipe type and first recipe for diagnostics: