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Java plugin
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About the plugin

Particle models allows you to use 3D java models as particles using the particle model mod element and existing particle mod elements.


This is a java plugin and requires java plugins to be enabled



-Updated to work with MCreator 2024.1.15821

-Fixed 1.19.2 particle models causing a build error
-Fixed 1.19.2 particles rendering through blocks
-Fixed particle models not moving smoothly
-Support for MCreator 2024.1
-Support for neoforge 1.20.4
MIT License

Plugin downloads
Particle models v1.1 (MCreator 2023.4 ONLY) - particle_models.zipUploaded on: 04/12/2024 - 19:42   File size: 23.12 KB
Particle models v1.1.1 (MCreator 2024.1 ONLY) - particle_models_1.zipUploaded on: 04/13/2024 - 04:36   File size: 26.54 KB


commenting this in case you're unaware or to learn if this is on my end, my particle models seem to bug out (sticking in mid air and vibrating) upon rejoining world / switching dimensions

Hello, so I'm having one issue with the particle models. They only go south when I use them. I setup the directions based on the player position and look vectors, but they don't travel the correct direction. When I use the same method with default/custom normal particles, they go the direction the player is looking. It's just particles using models with this plugin that does this. Any idea why?

how can I rotate particles in a random direction? like a fallen star, I need to rotate it

I found how, sorry, but nerdy, add a texture setting to the same part where the model selection is, and add a particle generation procedure in which you can enter a value that will depend on local data (for example, scaling from mana, which is individual for each player), a variant of the basic procedure mcreator works only on the world and is not tied to an entity, this causes problems

WoW Dude. You are amazing although i am a bit hesitant to use it because i am afraid that it may not be in the 2024 version.
If it is not ported to the new Mcreator version(s), will removing the 3d particle element (and the plugin) before updating break all of my workspace?

I can help you make procedures that simulate the usage but this plugin will always be better and less tedious.
1) Make a model for a mob
2) Lower rendering distance to 8-16
3) Make it immune to damage and disable AI
4) Create a procedure that summons that specific entity with the appropriate orientation.

Congrats you made it!

ok i have this lazer particle but i want it to face were the player or entity using it is facing

Just make a long block in the Y axis and make 3-4 frames for it's texture.
Now create your particles with a life of 2 ticks
Laser1 Laser2 Laser3 Lazer4
Search for lazer procedure in the forum a person has made it.
Change the particles to lazer 1. Add the wait block.
Add intervals of 2 ticks per Laser stage so after 2 ticks Lazer2 is spawned then after 4 (2 after Lazer2) Lazer3 is spawned after 6 etc