ManaBarLib API [Forge 1.20.1]

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Use the ManaBarLib Mod Directly In Mcreator - 1.20.1 ONLY

  • Custom Procedures, API, and Animated Progress Bar




To use begin by enabling the External API from the by clicking workspace settings at the top right --> external API's  --> Check ManaBarLib


The plugin adds the following procedures:
1) Set the ManaBar visibility to <true/false> for <target entity>
2) Set ManaBar percentage to <number> for <target entity>
3) Set universal cooldown regeneration time to <number> ticks
4) Get current ManaBar percentage for <target entity>




Initially the ManaBar will be toggled off, so make sure to turn it on using the visibility procedure


The ManaBar will appear at the bottom left of the players screen when toggled on

ManaBar In Game


After exporting the mod you will need to add the ManaBarLib mod as a dependency - it can be found here:

ManaBarLib Page


Plugin downloads
ManaBarLib-1.0.0 - [Forge - 1.20.1] - manabarlib.zipUploaded on: 07/04/2024 - 07:11   File size: 5.21 KB


Would have been nice to have a gui/overlay element of this be a thing but this is still cool.