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About the plugin

This Plugin allows support for you to use the Photon and LD Lib mods, so that you can create enhanced particle VFX for your mods.

To activate the plugin, you must enable "Photon" and "LD Lib" in the External APIs Tab

Once the plugin is enabled, to create VFX you must go in-game and type /photon particle_editor, and it will pop up a GUI!

When you are done creating your vfx, you will go to the top and hit file, here you can Save, which will allow you to open and edit it later, and you can Export, which lets you use it in-game.

save and export

When Saving or Exporting, MAKE SURE TO PUT A NAME, or else it WILL NOT save/export!
name file
When you create textures, they will be stored in your run folder, this is where you'll also be able to access any vfx and resources you made.
run folder

The VFX will not be useable in your mod yet though, to save the VFX in your mod, 
You will need to create a new folder in your assets called "photon", and then make a folder inside that called "fx", and this is where you'll place them.
folder path

In the same assets folder, you will also make "ldlib" and inside "resources", and this is where you'll place any textures.
ld lib folder path

Then to play the VFX through a procedure, you will use a run command block, that does /photon fx photon:[vfx] block/entity [entity name, or block position]
and use /photon_client clear_particles to clear any existing vfx (This will clear ALL of them, so only use it when necessary. Try to avoid looping particles if you can)

And that should allow you to make great VFX like this! Also note you will need to add Photon and LD Lib as mod dependencies.

photon vfx

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